2017 Classes

Dassenplank Knitting   Saturday  1- 4 pm

What is Dassenplank knitting?  The Dassenplank is a knitting frame from ancient Germany.  It works on the same principle as today's knitting machine where one loop is pulled over another.  With the Dassenplank you do the pulling with a crochet hook.  Many garments, flat pieces, and felted items are easily constructed from these frames. In our class at The Pines Farm we will make a felted trivet using the Dassenplank.  It requires no knitting skill, no pattern, no counting.  All materials you need will be provided.  Class size is limited to 5 students and takes about 3 hours.  Class fee and materials fee - $30.00.  Instructor:  Pat Pietsch



Make Your Own Roving   --  Saturday  2 - 4 pm

Make your own roving using our wool and equipment to custom design your blend.  Make one pound of roving for $30. 

Instructor: Amy Wolf.